You Can Master Your Fear

Be the master of your fear and you can rule over your life.

Fear is the only obstacle between you and your dreams, between you and what you most love. So says Archangel Raphael, who, in this series of channelings, unravels the mysteries of fear and, through its darkest paths, guides you step by step up to the glade of love. He helps you tear away fear’s masks one by one until you come to know its real face; only then does he teach you the ways to transmute it into love, thus eliminating its disastrous implications.

According to Archangel Raphael, fear shows that somewhere in the deepest part of your being, you have chosen hatred versus love, and your life cannot have real meaning. Only when your fear is transformed can real life happen to you. The end of your fear will signal the beginning of your life. Until that day comes, you will have just lived in a lie, in an illusion.

“I am only asking you to give me your fear,” Archangel Raphael adds, “and I will give back to you your love, the most precious gift you ever had.”

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